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Safeture Rights Issue

In collaboration with Shark Communication, we created a website to represent Safeture's Rights Issue, designed to simplify the process for investors to subscribe to new shares by providing easy access to prospectuses and subscription forms. The collaboration also involved measuring and compiling all data that could be extracted from the site. This was done, among other things, by measuring which channels the visitors used to find the site and how visitors navigate through the site.

Mobilskärm som visar hemsidan för Safetures emisson skapad av
Hemsidan för Safetures företrädesemission skapad av
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Annual report
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Q2 2022
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Case Study

Every click counts

We measured every click to gain insight into what potential buyers are searching for before deciding to purchase the stock.

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Subscription right (TR)

A subscription right is a security that entitles the holder to subscribe for new shares at a predetermined price in a preferential rights issue.

If you already own shares in a company, you receive subscription rights when the company conducts a new issuance (also called a rights issue).

These subscription rights give you a priority right to subscribe for new shares in the company. Trading of subscription rights may occur.

Paid Subscribed Share (BTA)

BTA (Betald Tecknad Aktie)" is a temporary instrument allocated upon subscription in a preferential rights issue before the new share capital is registered.

BTA may be listed for trading and automatically converted into shares without any action required on your part after the issuance is completed.

Liquidation Day

"Liquidation Day" is the same as the "payment date." It is the day by which the payment for your subscription must be received by us or the bank.

Euroclear Sweden AB 

Euroclear Sweden AB is Sweden's central securities depository and offers a range of services in securities management that facilitate company administration.

For example, they are a digital record-keeping company that holds shares of numerous Swedish companies, which investors can then see in their portfolios.

Investment Savings Account (ISK)

ISK is an account where you can store stocks and funds, for example, without paying capital gains tax upon sale.

Instead, the value of your holdings is subject to a standardized tax once a year, based on the government bond rate.

Capital Insurance (KF)

An ISK (Investeringssparkonto) is an account where you can store stocks and funds, for example, without paying capital gains tax upon sale. Instead, the value of your holdings is taxed annually according to a standardized calculation based on the government bond rate.

With a KF (Kapitalförsäkring), you can choose a payout frequency, for instance, if you have retired, and you can also select beneficiaries in the event of your passing.

VP Account

A securities account is an account that is directly registered with the Swedish Securities Register Center (Euroclear), where you can hold various securities.

Valuation (pre-money)

The valuation that has been decided by the company's board before an issuance is carried out and new funds are raised for the operation.

Record date

The record date is the day by which you need to be a registered shareholder to be eligible for benefits such as dividends or the right to participate in an issuance, for example.

Smarter Investor Relations

Investor Relations is a great passion for us. If companies had invested in their IR and built their strategies with well-formulated market strategies based on data and evidence, verified with performance marketing - then these companies would have had the potential to reach many, many more retail investors.
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